Enzo’s Italian Restaurant & Catering 
was founded in 1985 by Calabrese and Barese immigrants, Angelo and Laura. Angelo & Laura's passion for food started from the day they were both born. On one hand, Angelo's family came from an old southern coastal Italian town where seafood, vegetables, & fruits provided the basis of life. On the other hand, Laura's family came from an inland southern Italian town where breadspastas, olives, & grapes provided for their basis of life. The cultural backgrounds that both Angelo & Laura possess would prove a recipe for future success in the restaurant business. After training & working many years with Costa Cruise Lines in Europe, Angelo decided to venture to the states and eventually launch Enzo's with his wife Laura.

   Enzo's initially started off as a checkered tablecloth eatery, & focused on making a short list of popular Italian items. Given Enzo's popularity and early success in the mid to late 80's, development for building a larger location resulted. With the opening of its new building in the early 90's, Enzo's popularity grew and so did an inspiration to design a larger & more dynamic menu. Those menu changes today offer deep rooted interpretations of rustic flavors found within those small Italian towns and others within the regions of Calabria, Puglia, and Tuscany. Today with the help of a business education from their son, Enzo's continues to build upon the passion for excellent food and wine – bringing you the most unique Bonita Springs Restaurant. In summary, we hope you have found our story a telling sign of the experience Enzo's may have the pleasure in offering you!

"Let the exciting flavors at Enzo's live within your family and friends. Buon Appetito"

-Vincenzo Puleio

Authentic Italian Restaurant

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