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The red brick building most have passed by for years, without giving a second look, is actually an award-winning Italian restaurant, serving high quality food, popular wine, and fresh seafood. Enzo's boasts a full bar, with a great happy hour, and an incredibly popular NY-style pizza shop! The restaurant is often filled with many loyal regulars.


A staple in Bonita Springs since 1985, Enzo’s continues to impress both regulars and newcomers with its dedication to quality and service. The menu offers more than 200 selections of mouthwatering entrées and appetizers highlighting the rich history of Italy, blended with the historical Southwest Florida coast.

Enzo's strives to provide a memorable dining experience to every guest, new guest or regular. The restaurant is rated between 4 and 5 stars on all major social media, map/review, and dining apps. We value your feedback, and continue to work on improving every day.

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Meet the Chef

John Rochelle

Meet Enzo's Chef John Rochelle!
He was born in Fairfax, VA, but grew up nearby in Estero! John has worked under Michelin Starred Chef AJ Black, and talented Carlos Salinas, at various restaurants and country clubs. John has been at Enzo’s around six months, and has helped lead many positive changes. He is incredibly passionate about culinary arts and pleasing customers, and continues to look for ways for us to improve. John credits both of the men mentioned for much of his success, as well as his family. He also credits the Brain family and the team he gets to collaborate with nightly at the restaurant with a 39 year history. Say hi to him when you see him!

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